Introducing an all-new, fully automated saddle stitcher that delivers more runs per shift. No matter the size of the print run.

It’s hard to believe that our founder, Hans Muller, introduced the first saddle stitcher back in 1954 when the competition was running around 1,000 cycles per hour. Ours quadrupled that figure—while offering better quality. Now, more than 65 year’s later, Muller Martini offers the ultimate in automated finishing with the all-new Primera PRO.


Whether required for small, medium, or large “need-it-now” print runs, Muller Martini’s Primera PRO saddle stitcher can deliver the desired revenues in your daily production. It is an advanced and highly efficient saddle stitcher for the mid-performance range, running at up to 14,000 cycles an hour to ensure highly efficient production. Time- and money-saving benefits include:


  • Advanced servo technology reduces changeover times.
  • User-friendly operating concept offers a larger touchscreen—and less need for training.
  • Integrated three-knife trimmer welcomes products of variable thickness, while limiting manual intervention.
  • Bar Code/ Image recognition with next generation ASIR PRO camera helps validate pagination, avoiding costly re-runs.


You can also pair the Primera PRO with Muller Martini’s Connex Workflow System whose modules network processes, connect systems, track production status, and integrate all machines, from printer to stitcher, thereby significantly streamlining your workflow while reducing errors and limiting costly manual intervention. What’s more, Connex networks your production equipment with higher-level systems via standard interfaces to provide valuable run assessments and just-in-time production feedback.


Bring on your future with the Primera PRO.

The Primera PRO provides the foothold you need to compete in this growing market as it ensures maximum profitability even when processing the smallest job.  And, its digital-readiness reflects Muller Martini’s investment-protected engineering design, meaning you can add future enhancements which make it compatible with challenging digital workflows.


If you would like more information about the Primera PRO, simply contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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