In case you missed it: Microsoft no longer supports WinLincs 7. Upgrade today to protect your mailroom from malware attacks.

It happens to everyone. You get some kind of reminder that your car is due for a tune up, it’s time for your annual physical, your dentist hasn’t seen you in a while. Work and life can get so busy, periodic updates get pushed to the backburner then forgotten, especially as we try to navigate these tenuous, difficult times. But if you missed the email that effective October 13th, Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows 7 Operating System used in Muller Martini WinLincs control systems, you may have left your mailroom vulnerable to cyberattack.


Here’s the good news.

The WinLincs 10 Upgrade can be installed in less time than it takes to run a full shift. That means you can be up and running again, safely and securely, with hardly any down time at all. Because it utilizes the Microsoft SQL database, the upgrade further lessens downtime by increasing reliability and reducing the chance of database corruption. And once it’s updated, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your mailroom is up to speed to keep up with busy production schedules and ensure the reliable delivery of an assortment of marketing inserts.

What’s more,  Muller Martini’s WinLincs 10 Upgrade has been reconfigured as a custom-designed, industrial solution featuring:

  • An industrial computer that’s rack mounted, delivered, installed, and commissioned by Muller Martini.
  • Strict and careful installation following COVID protocols with hardly any interruption to your workday.
  • Muller Martini’s proprietary WinLincs software that addresses obsolescence concerns while providing advanced inserter control, communication, and data management for operators, maintenance technicians, and analysts.
  • Comprehensive training by Muller Martini.

Without the upgrade to WinLincs 10, your system has been running without Muller Martini’s trusted security updates, patches, and technical support. So please take advantage of our cyber security expertise, and contact me today to have an authorized Muller Martini technician install your WinLincs 10 Upgrade.

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