As a year like no other comes to a close, take time for some housecleaning.

Although this year has been a first for many difficult realities, we have adjusted and, thankfully, thrived in the face of adversity. We have turned our dining rooms, kitchens, and basements into home offices and schools.  And, we are grateful that our particular business can still succeed despite these challenging times.

Muller Martini continues to work closely with all customers to make sure that no matter where we answer your emails or phone calls, we are here to handle your needs at all times.

As mentioned in my last blog, our MPower website also plays an integral part in our communication exchanges with you, particularly during this time. As we gear up for the busy holiday season, now is a good time to check out your customer information as it appears on MPower, most specifically:

  • Do we have the right contacts for your company?
  • Is all of your current equipment listed?
  • Is it time to get a quote update?

Having accurate, up-to-date information helps us expedite any requests, orders and/or questions you may have. If you have never logged on to the MPower site, I strongly suggest you give it a try.  Seeing the price, stock status, and even a picture of spare parts is very helpful—and can save time.
Just contact us at 1.888.2.MULLER if you need help navigating the site.



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