Can You See the Light?

The official Oxford Languages definition for the phrase, “Light at the end of the tunnel” is “a long-awaited indication that a period of hardship or adversity is nearing an end.”
After the year we’ve experienced, personally, professionally, nationally, and globally, it finally feels as if we’re making strides towards some kind of normalcy, that proverbial “light” after a long-drawn-out period of darkness. Through all the challenges we faced, I am profoundly proud of our team here at Müller Martini US and Müller Martini Switzerland and Germany for our perseverance in weathering this storm. We worked with you, our customers, to face this challenging time together. And thanks to video conferencing and other creative methods of troubleshooting, we were able to stay connected with our customers, even during the height of the pandemic.
Of course, there have been countless negatives this year. But as we leave behind what will hopefully be the worst of it, it is possible to look back and reflect on the positives as well.  For many of us, this mandatory hiatus from our routines was an opportunity to foster new and improved habits. The world was forced to slow down, and we had to find new ways to occupy our time. Amateur cooks became master bakers. More books were read. Working out at home with streaming exercise classes helped people feel connected while they took stock of their physical and mental health during the prolonged lockdown. I truly believe these new habits will help us find a better balance between life and work as we ease back in.  And just in time for summer.
As we look forward to reconnecting with friends, coworkers, and families over barbecues and dips in the pool, I just want to take this moment to remind you of a few housekeeping notes:
Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Müller Martini’s MMSelect and MMInspect services to keep your machines in tip-top condition and your staff fully trained…before everyone starts taking their vacation time. (We are always here for you, but you will want to make sure your operators are available to take full advantage of our thorough training sessions).
For those of you who have not yet accessed our MPower website, please reach out to me or any of your Müller Martini contacts and ask for your user information. We will be more than happy to help you get connected. This website empowers you to not only review your orders and quotations but also gives you access to see spare parts stock status and pictures. There are so many more advantages and much more information available to you on MPower—just reach out and we will walk you through all the benefits of our site.
Enjoy the sunshine and we will be waiting to answer your emails and phone calls.

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