Is it time to say goodbye to your old saddle stitcher?

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. If you are finding it increasingly more difficult to repair your saddle stitcher due to limited parts and electrical components availability, it may be time to start getting ready to say your goodbyes.  


The truth is, your older saddle stitcher may have been holding you back for some time, taking too much time to makeready and changeover, too much money to keep it running, and requiring a level of operator experience that is difficult to find these days. 


But there’s good news. Müller Martini has a new saddle stitcher that will more than make up for your loss: the Primera PRO 


With its significantly shortened set up time and faster speeds (14,000 cycles per hour), the Primera PRO makes quick work out of any sized project, even those “needed-it-yesterday” runs. The Primera PRO is loaded with intelligent features that reduce changeover, setup, and throughput times and automatically adjusts to format and thickness variations (up to 1/2” product thickness). Plus, it is intuitive and easy to learn, helping you make the most of your workforce. 


See the PRO in action 


But don’t just take my word for it. Please join us for a live webinar of the new Primera PRO on June 9, 2021, where we will discuss and demonstrate the Primera PRO’s advanced servo technology, innovative motion control technology, fully automated format and thickness adjustment, integrated three-knife trimmer, 

bar code / image recognition, with ASIR 3 camera, and so much more.  


If you’d like to reserve a seat, click here,or contact your Müller Martini Regional Sales Manager. 


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