The win-win of bundled services

At one point or another, we’ve all benefited from a bundled service package. By bundling services, you get more services for less money…a win-win for the provider and the customer. For example, your cable provider most likely offers bundled programs combining cable TV, internet, phone, and mobile phone for less money than if you had purchased each service separately. They also provide a variety of bundles within the bundle, all designed to meet your needs while saving you some more money. Your insurance provider most likely offers some bundled services as well, offering you a discount if you insure your home and your car with them. Apple also recently started offering Apple One, combining their service offers– such as music, TV, arcade, iCloud storage, fitness, and news–with different bundle packages to meet your needs. Many people purchase the bundle package even if they don’t plan on using all of the services offered, simply because the savings still make it worth their while.


Did you know our MMServices can also be bundled?

As your trusted provider of services, Müller Martini also offers you bundled packages through our MMServices program. Our comprehensive life cycle management programs, designed to ensure long-term cost effectiveness, optimize your operating costs and extend the economic lifetime of your equipment. And you can save even more money by bundling our key service programs, such as MMRemote, MMPhone Support, MMInspect, and MMSelect. With MMRemote our service team can help you reduce downtime by providing remote diagnostics which can have you back up and running with minimal downtime. Our MMInspect program is designed to provide a benchmark of the condition of your equipment and provides a roadmap for making the necessary repairs during seasonal downtime, reducing or eliminating unplanned downtime. The workhorse of our service programs is the MMSelect program. And now with MMSelect + Training, we can schedule a training session with your operators during the same week we are conducting maintenance and repairs, thereby ensuring optimal performance of your equipment and your staff during your peak production season.


While each of our MMServices provides enormous value to your organization individually, bundling offers an additional win-win advantage: you can have the peace of mind knowing your equipment is being maintained to ensure peak-performing condition while also saving your company money. Please contact your local sales manager to see how bundled services can save you money in more ways than one.

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