Today whether visiting a customer or going to a restaurant or retail store, you see the “Now Hiring” “Help Needed” signs posted on most entry doors. For employers, this is a daunting task to face with while trying to run a business. For the most part, the effect the pandemic has had on our world takes the blame for the major disruption in the labor force. However, the analysis provided by the US Chamber of Commerce shows a shift in labor force even before the pandemic. This shift shows prior to the world shutdown that 47 million workers quit their jobs, looking for better work-life balance, more flexibility, and an increase in compensation; it was named “The Great Resignation”.  During the pandemic more than 120,000 businesses closed or temporarily closed, leaving 20 million US workers unemployed. The Chamber of Commerce compared the labor force participation today, to the labor force in February 2020. Number results show we are missing 3.4 M workers. A few examples of the reduction in workers caused by the pandemic;

  • 33% of women stayed home to provide care for their children
  • 50.3% of adults 55 and older took early retirement

With such a large percentage of workers removed from the labor force, the chance of finding good, experienced workers, regardless of the industry, is very slim. Over the last decade, Muller Martini has revolutionized not only the finishing portfolio but also the service portfolio. Companies with new hires can rely on Muller Martini’s factory-trained service engineer to train new employees on current equipment in regard to safety, quality, production, and equipment maintenance. With the latest advancements in the finishing portfolio that has been achieved in saddle stitching, bookbinding, and digital bookbinding, which all focus on more tech, less labor. A workflow system designed to reduce costly labor hours and errors. The renewed finishing enriches our 4.0 Finishing Philosophy and Smart Factory capabilities.


Therefore, whether you need new employee training or equipment designed to require fewer employees Muller Martini has a solution for you.

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