Driving the Digital Transformation: Starting with Connex Workflow

Digital printing has revolutionized the book publication industry. With POD (Print on-Demand) becoming mainstream in the book publication market, this process has shifted from handling paper and ink to files and clicks. During this same time, the finishing process has also been revolutionized. Muller Martini has worked hand in hand with the major digital print providers to assure the needed data matrix information is properly placed on the printed piece for communicating to the finishing equipment, in essence, creating a “file to finish” workflow.


As consumers take to the web for shopping, delivery expectations are getting shorter and shorter. The same expectation placed on the book publication companies. As the “file to finish” workflow continues to evolve, companies realize the gains in their workflow by creating the “smart factory”. The smart factory connects to the printers MIS system, to prep, digital press and to the finishing equipment. The idea of a “smart factory” is for full utilization of all interconnected equipment. This concept starts with Muller Martini’s Connex. Connex controls the pulling and pushing of the needed information to best optimize the production workflow, producing the work in the shortest amount of time. Connex workflow platform is tailored to the needs of customer.


Connex Workflow System Modules are, Connex Info 4.0, Connex Line Control and Connex Line Control PRO and Connex ImpoWhiz.


To learn more about how our Connex workflow system can help you achieve full utilization of your production workflow click on the provided link. Connex Workflow

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