Planning to relocate your bindery equipment?

Today’s corporate mergers often result in the need for relocation services in order to consolidate capital equipment. In addition, improvements in workflow processes are also causing machines to be relocated within a single facility in order to improve both productivity and profitability.


Even though bindery equipment is significantly more valuable than the relocation’s actual cost, many companies still seek out the cheapest relocation services provider—and then wind up paying for the consequences. If you’re in the market for a bindery equipment relocation provider, please consider these factors:

  • Logistics. Detailed planning and timetables are critical so that the equipment is safely and expeditiously moved to its optimum workflow location. Ask the relocation provider if they’ll do a CAD layout so you have a clear understanding of how the machine’s footprint impacts the new space and its accessibility to utilities and power.
  • End-to-end expertise. Many companies promote themselves as relocation specialists, but they’re often general contractors that hire riggers, mechanics and truckers whose primary focus is on “moving.”  These workers often lack the technical know-how needed to properly re-install your binder. An OEM’s factory-trained technicians have a thorough understanding of your machine’s factory specifications and settings. They will not only reliably replicate performance levels, but even improve them during re-installation.
  •  Serviceability. No matter what condition your machine is in, once it’s disrupted by a move it may need some TLC to get back to baseline levels. The ideal relocation provider should know how to troubleshoot any possible problems as a machine is being dismantled and also have speedy access to OEM parts in order to expedite repairs.
  • Training. When machines are moved to a new facility, oftentimes they will have new operators. Thus, your relocation services provider should also offer training about the equipment’s features and performance expectations.
  • Credentials. The provider must be fully insured and licensed. Remember as well that an OEM stands behind their service and repairs, and typically offers a discount on parts in conjunction with a relocation project.

Our track record shows that the most skilled and reliable relocation provider is the OEM who offers a full-service, start-to-finish menu that also includes post-relocation support. Not only does this make your job a lot less stressful, the bottom-line result is a minimal loss of dollars, downtime and productivity.

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