Premier Printing Winnipeg Invests in Primera

Premier Printing, a high quality sheetfed/digital plant located in Winnipeg, decided it was time to look at options for replacing their 20-year-old Muller Martini stitcher.  The machine was running two shifts a day and had been a reliable workhorse over the years. However,  makeready times were high, production speeds were lower than desired, and adding more people to the process was not a long-term solution as it is becoming ever harder to find journeymen operators. Thus, automation is key. The customer also wanted to make sure that any investment was “future proof” and capable of adapting to new digital production methods.

Ted, Will and Dave Gortemaker of Premier Printing reached out to Muller Martini to look at options and ideas. Muller Martini provided analysis of their current production mix/workload which identified a new machine that would half their current production time, with large savings on makeready time and a greatly enhanced net production speed through an accurate automated system.

Although slightly skeptical of the numbers the analysis provided, the customer agreed to a live demonstration after which they realized the numbers were easily achievable. What’s more, the  Primera would give them the best production environment where they could match available staff with the workload.

Once the decision to invest in the Primera technology was made, what followed was a great team effort with Muller Martini working closely with the Premier Printing production team. With only a software update in an otherwise seamless installation/training schedule, the machine went into production and the operators, both young and old, adapted very quickly to the Primera, letting the machine’s automation perform (as promised) to surpass expectations.

Premier Printing is happy with the numbers coming out of the Primera, and it provides the option to have a machine that can adapt to the digital workflow when the need arises, giving the bindery a “future-proof” edge. Ted commented that ”the Primera does exactly what we were told it would do.”


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