Do you know the top ten reasons there was downtime during your last shift?

More than 20 years ago, Bill Gates wrote that “content is king.” Today’s “Internet of Things” makes data the king to better decision-making on the production line.


I talk to customers all the time about the importance of collecting critical information from their equipment:  Reliable, fact-based data that can tell them—in real time—the most effective machine speed, why one shift always performs better than another, why a particular feeder is causing bottlenecks, and so much more.


That information is obtainable. What’s needed is a system that not only takes data in, but also can disseminate it logically so you can easily see where the faults exist—and what’s needed to eliminate those faults.


Our solution is called Connex. Here’s what it does:


  • Automatically records and collects production data of connected production lines. You can then utilize that data to analyze a number of key indicators such as performance, equipment efficiency, and productivity.


  • Enables production planning without manual intervention. Connex can facilitate a fully automated workflow so your operator doesn’t have to worry about keying in order data and making costly errors in the process.


Connex is a powerful tool that can track, monitor and analyze a job’s data throughout the entire production process, allowing you to make informed adjustments that will optimize production. I would be happy to talk with you about how Connex can make your production more efficient as well.


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