Partnering with Muller Martini. From Start to Finish.

During the last year and a half, I have been working with a Los Angeles based customer whose company has taken on a major operational transformation—switching from conventional print and finishing to digital manufacturing. The process entailed extensive due diligence which included evaluating digital presses and finishing equipment designed for booklet making and perfect binding.


Drupa 2016 marked their first time seeing Muller Martini’s Presto II Digital Saddle Stitcher and Vareo Perfect Binder. The customer told me the visit was worthwhile because they were able see the equipment perform live. Then at Dscoop in 2017, they once again learned more about the Presto II Digital and the Vareo. Shortly thereafter, we conducted a detailed overview meeting with the customer who also made us aware that he had similar appointments with other vendors.


During a subsequent meeting, we discussed customer-specific configurations that could finish both roll printed products and cut sheet products. The customer asked if the necessary third-party equipment would be handled separately. I explained that this would be a Muller Martini solution even though third-party partners would be involved. In other words, all communications would be through Muller Martini. He commented that the other vendors said that any third-party equipment discussions needed to be handled separately.


A configuration request was then provided our Solution Managers so they could create a layout and investment proposal. We then reviewed these with the customer who stated, “I knew Muller Martini could offer a solution that would meet our needs, but I just assumed they would be too big for our operation.”


The customer then visited Muller Martini factories, met with service engineers, and watched as his actual product was produced on the Presto II Digital and Vareo Perfect Binder. Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to purchase both machines.


As the equipment was being manufactured, there was on-going communication between the customer and our sales, solution, and service managers to discuss installation. A sit-down meeting with the client provided detailed timelines and designated who would be on-site for the installation, as well as who would provide training and production support after the installation was complete.


I recently visited my customer’s facility for a progress review. The customer mentioned how the entire process, from tradeshow and factory demonstrations, to the comprehensive pre-install meeting, underscored that Muller Martini had this major project in their control, greatly alleviating any unnecessary stress.


I’m happy to report that this customer experience is by no means an isolated case. When you partner with Muller Martini, we are committed to your success and to the entire process, from start to finish.


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