Knowledge. It’s what sets the OEM apart.

Recently, I came across the following illustration by Hugh McLeod of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group. I think his chart could also represent the key difference between third-party suppliers (“Information”) and OEMs (“Knowledge”). How so? When maintaining and servicing highly expensive print finishing equipment, there’s a ton of available information. But who excels at utilizing that data to achieve the best results?

OEMs transform information into knowledgeable decision-making.

Think for a moment about all the challenges and nuances that can impact your print finishing investments. Maybe it’s a deadline-sensitive job you’ve never run before. Or a relocation to a more restricted space. Or the addition of an untrained operator. All of these situations can greatly impact the productivity and performance of your bindery equipment—and your bottom line.

You can trust your OEM to utilize a myriad of information about your particular print finishing systems to:

  • Problem-solve. Whatever the challenge or disruption, it’s the OEM who can quickly rectify what’s wrong and help you achieve your objectives.
  • Modify on the fly. Real knowledge welcomes flexibility. The OEM knows there’s no such animal as cookie cutter solutions. They will work with you to produce the right result for your highly specific needs. 
  • Increase productivity. With the OEM, excuses are not an option. They demand baseline performance levels no matter the machine’s age. And, more times than not, they can exceed those levels.

Consider one recent client experience at The Hartford Courant, where Muller Martini consolidated their SLS3000 inserting operation into an existing print facility—with minimal impact to commercial insert production. Andrea Pape, Director of Manufacturing, commented:

“Our biggest challenge was the size and configuration of the space that we were moving the equipment into. Essentially, we were shoehorning the SLS inserters into a smaller space in an older building. What’s more, we were limited in terms of budget and timeframe. Muller Martini offered great flexibility whenever we needed to make adjustments and continue to utilize the inserters at the packaging facility to meet deadlines. We modified on the fly to ensure we were utilizing that equipment and space as efficiently as we could.”

“I’m very pleased with the results, particularly that we met such an aggressive timeline. Muller Martini was a great partner to work with. Everyone was extremely helpful. I can’t imagine anyone else being able to do this project more efficiently. You really need to have the OEM and the people who know the equipment.”

Knowledge is power—and productivity.

Since 2015, Muller Martini has performed nearly 40 SLS installations, recommissions, and/or relocations with more than 10 newspaper groups in over 20 properties. We are not only the ultimate source of SLS information and experience—but knowledge. Let us connect the dots for your operation.

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