Presto II Digital Saddle Stitcher. A “right-angle” turn for the better.

At a recent meeting, a customer asked if some of their complex products could be produced on our Presto II Digital saddle stitcher. I arranged a demonstration at our factory so that the customer was able to witness first-hand the Presto II’s capabilities.

Our service engineers set up the Presto II Digital for each required format, and all products ran well. Although the customer was impressed with the results achieved on their small sample package, they also knew they were about to undertake a large manufacturing change, one that demanded an actual demonstration within their own facility.

Taking an equipment demonstration to the next level.

Since one of our partners, MBO, already had finishing equipment at the customer’s facility, Muller Martini shipped, installed, and connected a Presto II Digital saddle stitcher to that equipment. The demonstration commenced, and all was going well. Then, the customer informed us that they wanted to change the direction of the paper feed, using a “right-angle” to deliver the product to the Presto II Digital. This was something that had never been done before.

The customer explained that with a “right-angle” feed, they would be able to produce an entirely new product, one that could be processed faster and with less paper waste. After several phone calls with both the Muller Martini and MBO factories, the machines’ parameters were reconfigured, and the additional test was run. With a few tweaks, the product was successfully produced.

Long story short?

The customer purchased the Presto II Digital. But perhaps the real story is the Presto II Digital’s unmatched ability to adapt to varying production requirements. It’s one of the reasons why this saddle stitcher can take any operation to the next level of digital print manufacturing, one that can allow you to offer greater product variety to your clients.

Best of all, the Presto II Digital’s capabilities will continue to evolve and grow as we work with customers who present us with new, innovative products and even greater challenges. The right angle? Just another turn for the better.

Do you have a digitally manufactured, saddle stitched product that’s been difficult to produce with consistent, quality results? Let us know below.

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