Now’s the Time to Get Back to Baseline

It is reasonable to assume that some older/newer bindery equipment are not performing at baseline speeds, which provides a negative impact on production. Over the last couple of years, many printers and binderies have put off maintenance on their equipment due to a very unfortunate circumstance the world has provided us all, COVID. Now, even though the world continues to provide hurdles to jump, business are back to full capacity or more. This takes us back to how below baseline speeds have a negative impact on production. Several years ago, Muller Martini created a suite of service programs. These programs designed to help our customer keep their equipment performing at baseline or higher levels. We encourage our customers to take a preventative approach in returning their equipment to a productive level. To start, we would recommend a mmInspect service. The mmInspectis an extensive on-site machine audit performed by one of our factory-trained engineers. The information that is gathered creates a report that provides a guideline on how to return your equipment back to baseline level.
The mmInspect is the key but our mmSelect is where the action takes place. Our customer service team arranges a call with the customer, along with the service engineer that completed the inspection. This call is to review the inspection report and create a plan for repair, which includes how long the repairs will take and needed parts ordered and on-site prior to the engineers’ arrival. This will optimize the engineer’s the time on-site.
Another hurdle that COVID seems to have created is a shortage of trained workers. Our mmTraining program is not a one size fits most, no, the training is designed to address the customer needs, whether it a newbie or someone who is familiar with the process but just needs more details.
Unplanned downtime cost money. Missing delivery schedules cost money and loses customers. The list can go on. Do not let an underperforming piece of equipment keep you awake at night. Muller Martini mmServices Programs are here to help you get back to baseline.
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