Three-Side Trim With the New Solit PRO: Making Approved Even More Perfect

Anyone who ever holds a popular magazine, a glossy magazine, a softcover brochure or a fine hardcover book in his hands appreciates a clean three-side trim. For decades, highly automated three-knife trimmers and trimmers from Muller Martini have ensured that you can read perfect print products – in perfect binding as well as in saddle stitching.
In 2012, Muller Martini launched the Solit, the world’s first three-knife trimmer in the mid-performance segment with patented SmartPress technology. Thanks to this unique, servo-controlled technology, the air in the book block can escape optimally. Finally, the pressing force is automatically increased, so that a perfect cut is made. Numerous printers and bookbinders on all continents appreciate the outstanding trim quality of the Solit, which can be changed over in less than three minutes without tools.
Completely newly designed infeed 
Now Muller Martini is launching the Solit PRO, the perfect technological three-knife trimmer advancement. Of course, we have adopted all the proven features of the previous model – first, of course, the revolutionary SmartPress technology. In addition, our new 4500-cycle three-knife trimmer with an infeed speed of up to 7000 cycles per hour and a pile height of up to 85 millimeters impresses with a series of innovations that, above all, further improve the availability of the three-knife trimmer.
For example, the Solit PRO has a completely redesigned infeed with telescopic belt, separating roller, feeder magazine, transfer flaps to the cutting table, and servo-controlled, oscillating infeed pusher. The gate rollers provide precise infeed timing. The oscillating pusher allows easy feeding of new products. In addition, a unit has been developed which presses down the covers. This allows the gate roller to be moved to the exact thickness in real time. The thickness adjustment has been made faster so that it is possible to react even better to changes.
As part of the redesign, the latest generation of motors and control components were also used and the complete lubrication system was optimized.
For softcover and hardcover
Thanks to the new cycle-accurate and more safe product infeed, the Solit PRO is even more process-reliable and optimally suited for use with both softcover (for example, inline with the Alegro perfect binder) and hardcover (inline upstream of the Diamant MC bookline).
The robust, one-piece cast construction of the new Solit PRO, which offers the largest format range in its performance class, ensures maximum rigidity. Other highlights include the shortest changeover times thanks to the high degree of automation, tool-free job changes and mark-free transport of the material to be cut.
At the beginning of this year, the first machines of the new three-knife trimmer type were already delivered to customers – combined with very satisfied feedback.
InfiniTrim with five new flexible delivery systems
The latest three-knife trimmer innovations from Muller Martini also include the five new, flexible delivery systems of the fully flexible InfiniTrim trimming robot:

  • Standard delivery
  • Delivery with collection box for NoRead books
  • Delivery with roller table to the side
  • Delivery with collection box for NoRead books and roller table for sorting
  • Stacker

The aim of these innovations is to avoid interrupting the production process wherever possible. To achieve this, the various delivery systems of the InfiniTrim with ejection and sorting functions offer a wide choice depending on requirements. In combination with a stacker, there were further cost-saving potentials.
Primera PRO saddle stitcher with new three-knife trimmer 
However, Muller Martini is a technological leader when it comes to three-knife trimming, not only in perfect binding but also in saddle stitching. The newly designed, thickness variable three-knife trimmer is one of the outstanding features of the 14,000-cycle Primera PRO saddle stitcher, which was launched just over a year ago. It adjusts fully automatically thanks to motion control technology. In future, you can forget about manual intervention for setup!
Thanks to advanced motion control technology and servo drives, each of its format axes can be individually adjusted in the event of any corrections – without compromise and without influencing other axes.
Everything fully automated
For the center cut, the head and foot trim can be individually positioned without manual intervention. Any corrections can then be stored on the central operating panel of the Primera PRO for jobs that are to be interrupted or repetitive, and called up again in exactly the same way at any time. Format and thickness settings – including asymmetries such as thickness, stops and cutting elements – are fully automated, as is product centering.
If you are tired of time-consuming manual operations on the three-knife trimmer of your saddle stitcher, the new Primera PRO is just right for you! You don’t have to adjust anything by hand.

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